The title makes for as good a question as much as the question makes for a good title. Answer to it has been pretty much the same since the idea of branding and marketing was born. Anyone and everyone are more likely to say yes, marketing and branding strategy does help empower a brand. Yet the same people agree that the word-of-mouth publicity is still the best marketing strategy.

Is it so that nothing can match the word-of-mouth publicity? Perhaps or perhaps not! Anyhow, it is for sure that it works. Now it is a matter of thought why the online or offline marketing campaigns cannot become like word-of-the-mouth publicity? If we look carefully at the phenomenon of word-of-mouth publicity, it is possible to find out the features that make it so effective and efficient. Such features can then be used to skillfully craft marketing or branding campaigns.

What is the basic premise of word-of-mouth publicity?

Word-of-mouth publicity is when anyone, willfully or dutifully, speaks for you and your brand. Besides being negative or positive, it can be both organic and paid. The reason for a greater efficiency of such publicity is that you’re not asking or convincing the customers to engage. Instead one or more than one people are testifying the fact that your services/products are phenomenally good as well as have been tried and tested.

Content of Word-of-Mouth and Branding Campaigns

In word-of-mouth publicity, all that is said about your brand comprises of words exchanged between people who know each other at a personal level. Whatever is said, is said such that the other person understands.
If a branding campaign is to have such content, it’ll be difficult to devise it. However, brands can always craft content such that it seems to be personalized and is easily understood. They can choose to go even further and make their campaign subtle such that it informs the audience rather than simply selling to them or asking them to buy.

Word-of-Mouth is Now About Visuals too!

Earlier word-of-mouth was only about words and people. Now with widespread use of phones and laptops, it is also about visuals which speak at least a thousand words. Inside our heads, we fail to distinguish between what’s on screen as long as we’re looking at it. It’s very much like being inside a dream! Landing pages, app interfaces, graphics and social media posts can be designed such that audiences find it easy to navigate amongst them. Moreover, they can be made more engaging with anecdotes and real life examples.

Word-of-Mouth is Often Impromptu!

Most branding campaigns often fail on the front of being impromptu. They’re too carefully planned and devised which makes them appear artificial or ‘made-up’ to the audiences. Certain spaces can be left in the digital marketing campaigns for spontaneous and impromptu messages, responses, replies etc.!